About Me

Newzly aggregates top news headlines for each country, directly from local sources. Local perspective global audience.

Few words from the founder...

Hi, I am Advik, founder of Newzly. As an avid news reader and activist, I stumbled upon the same limited news resources written from a distant perspective. When setting out to accomplish classroom research or just following my passion, I realized that finding such sources required hours of research as search engines sort by metrics of geographical locations & website hits. Most news articles referencing foreign events seem to summarize and/or trivialize complex issues to simplify information for their readers, coloring it with potential biases. This approach leaves a void for those interested in unfiltered foreign news and analysis. Hence I developed this platform which not only eliminates the need to spend hours finding local outlets but also shifts the control to the hands of the readers. With Newzly, the top news from each country is just a click away. My goal is to develop engaging, knowledgeable, and global perspectives.

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