May 29, 2023

Former Ontario cabinet minister Michael Chan sues CSIS, unidentified leakers, reporters

Chan alleges the anonymous employees’ actions were influenced by ‘a stereotypical type-casting of immigrants born in China as being somehow untrustworthy’
May 29, 2023

Drownings of 2 Ontario children prompt warnings on pool safety. Here's what you need to know

Two children — both 3 — died in separate drowning incidents in less than a week. The tragedies are prompting fresh warnings from those focused on swimming safety, and come as an early summer reminder that drowning remains a real risk.
May 29, 2023

Remains of Madison Scott found 12 years after mysterious disappearance from party near Vanderhoof, B.C.

RCMP are executing a search warrant on a rural property west of Prince George, B.C.
May 29, 2023

Montrealers' favourite falcon family has some new additions

Two chicks cracked their eggs Sunday just five hours apart from a special nest box high atop the Université de Montréal campus. They can be seen huddling under their mother or being fed on a YouTube livestream.
May 29, 2023

Iconic Quebec actor Michel Côté dies at 72

The decorated star of C.R.A.Z.Y. has left the stage after years of breaking box-office and attendance records. He had retired from acting last year because of bone marrow disease.
May 29, 2023

Job creation tied to Windsor, Ont., Stellantis EV battery plant compared to 'musical chairs': prof

A Carleton University business professor is casting doubt on the number of jobs that will be added to Windsor's economy by an electric-vehicle battery factory. Ian Lee says the idea that Ontario is desperate to create new jobs as 'nonsense.'
May 29, 2023

Calgary zoo giraffe dies of broken neck in 'tragic accident'

A female Masai giraffe died earlier this month after breaking its neck, according to a necropsy, the Calgary Zoo said in a Monday statement.
May 29, 2023

RCMP recover body of 12-year-old Winnipeg boy who slipped under rapids at Sturgeon Falls

The search for a 12-year-old boy who slipped and fell into the Winnipeg River in Whiteshell Provincial Park on Saturday is over.
May 29, 2023

System is broken says Ontario mom waiting 9 months to bring adopted Nigerian daughter home

Andrea Eaton, 53, decided to adopt just before her 50th birthday. Two years later, Eaton flew to Lagos, Nigeria, to adopt a 17-month old baby who had been living in an orphanage. What had been a life-long dream — to be a mother — has turned into an exercise in patience and frustration.
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