May 28, 2023

N.S. wildfire burns out of control as hot, windy weather intensifies blaze

Department of Natural Resources says the Shelburne County fire ‘escaped containment’ on Saturday night, growing to about 775 hectares
May 28, 2023

Tornado touched down south of Regina Saturday night, Environment Canada confirms

Some streets flooded and buildings leaked in Regina Saturday night due to pelting rain and hail, as a tornado formed near the city limits.
May 28, 2023

How a B.C. Indigenous community is reintroducing fire to manage the land

As wildfire seasons become longer and more intense, prescribed burns can help prevent forests from becoming out-of-control infernos
May 28, 2023

Double homicide in Hamilton allegedly involves landlord and tenants, police say

On Saturday evening Hamilton police found a 27-year-old woman and 28-year-old man, both tenants at the residence, shot dead
May 28, 2023

A massive, rare sea turtle washed up on P.E.I. It was likely on its way to be with family

A large leatherback sea turtle — an endangered species in Canada — was found dead on the shores of Fernwood, P.E.I. It was caught in fishing gear, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans told CBC News.
May 28, 2023

As the value of Maud Lewis paintings soars, so does risk of fraud

Some art experts are cautioning that the spiking value of Maud Lewis paintings will make the Nova Scotia folk artist's work more attractive for fraudsters to replicate.
May 28, 2023

Family of man in crisis shot dead by Toronto police says he 'didn't have to die'

Since Andrew Geisler's death, the family says they have been stuck in a holding pattern until answers arrive from police watchdog the Special Investigations Unit arrive. Until then, they're hoping to honour his memory.
May 28, 2023

Pride organizers appeal for more funding as rising security costs could dampen festivities

Rising security costs and heightened safety concerns have some Pride organizers worried that Canadian events will have to scale back this year.
May 28, 2023

Are Canada's competition laws outdated? Some say it's time for change

The federal government is looking to update Canada’s competition laws — possibly their most significant review in decades.
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