March 21, 2023

Changes coming to ensure prompt reporting of oilsands spills, Alberta premier says

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says laggardly public notification of Imperial Oil oilsands wastewater spills at its Kearl mine has illuminated the need for Alberta to ensure future alarms are sounded quicker.
March 21, 2023

Via Rail apologizes, investigating after Muslim man told no praying at Ottawa station

A video on TikTok appears to show a Via Rail employee telling a man that he cannot pray at the station and he should go outside if he wants to pray
March 21, 2023

Evening Update: Trudeau chief of staff Telford to testify on Chinese election interference

Also in the news today, Canada’s inflation rate eases by the most since early in the pandemic, but grocery costs are still rising fast
March 21, 2023

Alberta premier says changes coming to ensure prompt reporting of oilsands spills

Alberta premier says her government is working with the province’s oilsands regulator to develop better policies to give affected groups timely notification
March 21, 2023

Saskatchewan government expected to announce surplus budget as funding needs loom

Premier has already hinted at introducing some measures that address affordability and health care, but critics will be watching to see if it will be enough
March 21, 2023

Income tax cuts and big drop in GDP growth in Quebec budget

Budget also estimates that GDP growth will fall to 0.6 per cent in 2023 from 2.8 per cent last year
March 21, 2023

B.C. child welfare official testifies at inquiry into teen’s death in Calgary

The 15-year-old boy died of bacterial sepsis in May 2013, which was brought on by complications from untreated diabetes and starvation
March 21, 2023

Quebec slashes income taxes in new budget and promises more public spending

The CAQ government offered an optimistic view of the economy while presenting a budget that includes one of the largest tax cuts in Quebec’s history.
March 21, 2023

Military expecting to save $30M per year with targeted housing benefit for troops

The benefit will supplement the incomes of members who have to live and work in areas of the country with high rental costs
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