May 25, 2023

What to pack when the evacuation alert comes

The Prepared BC Wildfire Preparedness Guide advises people gather their grab-and-go bags, emergency plan, mementos and important documents
May 25, 2023

The UCP’s Compassionate Intervention Act will cause more harm in an already deadly crisis

Involuntary addiction treatment is fraught with ethical, legal and practical limitations and has been shown to increase both social and health harms
May 25, 2023

Alberta looks to Portugal for treatment model. But what is it?

Danielle Smith points to how Portugal deal with addiction as her party commits to expanding involuntary treatment for drug users, but critics say their plan misses a key component
May 25, 2023

Industry blindsided by Ottawa’s plan to track ill effects of natural health products

The plan would see natural health products fall under the same category as pharmaceuticals when it comes to how they are monitored once they are on the market
May 25, 2023

Canadian researcher helps define new standards for diagnosing concussions

Noah Silverberg, associate psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, co-led an international panel’s efforts to replace “wildly inconsistent” definitions of concussion
May 25, 2023

Morning Update: Public inquiry would restore trust in Ottawa’s handling of Beijing election meddling, legal experts say

Counsel for past inquiries say foreign interference probe needs a judge who can subpoena
May 25, 2023

Voter turnout will play important role in Alberta election

With almost 250,000 people having cast a ballot in advance polls, Alberta is on track for a new record in voter turnout
May 25, 2023

5 key ridings to watch ahead of the Alberta 2023 election

The United Conservative Party is expected to perform well in rural communities and the NDP is gunning for all Edmonton seats, while Calgary is the election’s big prize
May 25, 2023

Why Alberta’s election is also important for the rest of Canada

The relationship with Ottawa could look very different depending on who wins, and the decision could have influence on other provinces
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