September 15, 2023

After Chinatown attack, victim advocates query B.C. psychiatric releases, lawyers urge caution

Victim advocates have long sought reform of the system handling offenders deemed not criminally responsible by reason of mental disorder
September 15, 2023

Man convicted of murdering Alberta girlfriend in 2002 loses appeal

Alberta’s top court has rejected the appeal of Stephane Parent, who was found guilty of killing Adrienne McColl more than two decades ago
September 15, 2023

Video: Alberta premier announces help for families affected by day care E. coli outbreak

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says her government will immediately provide families $2,000 for each child affected by an E. coli outbreak related to several Calgary daycares. […]
September 15, 2023

Defence in Ibrahim Ali murder trial suggests possibility of more than one suspect

Ali’s lawyer questioned the decision by investigators not to test some evidence that may establish another suspect in the case
September 15, 2023

All eyes on Bonnie Crombie as Ontario Liberal leadership debates kick off

Leadership candidates target Crombie as the perceived front-runner, as the party prepares to accelerate plans for leadership debates across the province
September 15, 2023

Video shows accused in London killings telling police he hoped to inspire ‘young white men’

Jury shown video of accused killer Nathaniel Veltman telling police his deadly attack on a Muslim family in June 2021 was ‘politically motivated’
September 15, 2023

Old Montreal fire victim’s family files $1.5-million lawsuit against city, owner, Airbnb operator

City inspectors visited the building on multiple occasions throughout the years and found numerous irregularities making it “dangerous for life and human safety”
September 15, 2023

Premier Smith open to interim emissions targets as Alberta-Ottawa group meets for 1st time

On the heels of the first meeting of the Alberta-Ottawa working group, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says she recognizes that interim steps need to be in place when it comes to emissions reductions in oil and gas — even if there is yet to be alignment on when and how that should take place.
September 15, 2023

What you need to know about RSV this flu season

Three new interventions for respiratory syncytial virus could bring a big change in the virus’s toll, but it won’t be the case for the coming season
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