September 15, 2022

Gifted renegade Ken Lefolii helped invigorate Canadian journalism

After a stint as editor-in-chief of Maclean’s, Lefolii worked for CBC’s innovative newsmagazine This Hour Has Seven Days, and was later a roving reporter at W5, travelling to Africa, South America and Vietnam
September 15, 2022

Evening Update: Piecing together the tragic events of the Saskatchewan stabbing rampage

Also: Putin meets Xi; MPs pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth in the House of Commons;
September 15, 2022

Ontario’s top doctor says there is ample supply of Omicron-targeted COVID-19 vaccines

Ample supply of bivalent vaccines, Dr. Kieran Moore says
September 15, 2022

Ottawa announces $250 million in home heating help, with eye on Atlantic Canada

Ottawa says $250-million home heating plan will help between 10,000 and 25,000 homes
September 15, 2022

'There has to be purpose from this tragedy,' says Indigenous leader on Sask. stabbings

It's been 11 days since a series of stabbings terrorized James Smith Cree Nation in Saskatchewan, but the community has only just started on the "long, tough, hard" path to recovery.
September 15, 2022

Indigenous leaders frustrated by provincial holiday for Queen's funeral

Indigenous leaders in New Brunswick are criticizing the province’s decision to hold a holiday for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral while Truth and Reconciliation Day hasn’t received the same treatment. 
September 15, 2022

After Saskatchewan stabbings, James Smith Cree Nation looks back in grief and ahead to forgiveness

Over four horrific days, 10 people were stabbed to death, and the suspect and his brother also died in a tragedy that left no one untouched in the Cree community to which they belonged
September 15, 2022

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson gifts $100M to help protect nature in B.C.

The commitment is part of the B.C. Parks Foundation's launch of a multi-year campaign to protect 25 per cent of B.C.'s land and waters, in partnership with Indigenous people.
September 15, 2022

Former premier Rene Levesque’s ghost haunts provincial campaign trail in Quebec

During a bitter partisan race, memories of the Parti Québécois founder have united the province in appreciation of a statesman from a bygone era
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