September 15, 2022

Sea to Sky Gondola's new security system failed during 2nd cable-cutting incident, lawsuit says

The operators of the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, B.C., have filed a lawsuit claiming its new "state-of-the-art" security system failed when a vandal climbed one of the attraction's towers and cut through its cable for the second time in two years.
September 15, 2022

The 10 Saskatchewan stabbing victims, and how their loved ones are remembering them

The nine people killed at James Smith Cree Nation, and one in Weldon, Sask., were loved in their communities and are mourned by family and friends
September 15, 2022

N.S. mass shooter preyed on vulnerable denture clients, traded services for sex

The man responsible for the April 2020 mass killings in Nova Scotia preyed on vulnerable women through his work as a denturist and exchanged dental work for sex, according to a new report submitted to the Mass Casualty Commission.
September 15, 2022

B.C. toxic drug deaths have doubled since public health emergency was declared in 2016, coroner says

B.C. toxic drugs have only grown deadlier since public health emergency declared, statistics show
September 15, 2022

B.C. Liberal leader says more supply is answer to housing affordability crisis

B.C. Liberal leader says his government would increase housing supply, back ‘direct’ support for renters
September 15, 2022

Ontario woman worries about sister’s fate under new hospital and nursing home law

An Ontario woman says her 81-year-old sister is in a hospital with a gallbladder problem, and is unsure what her fate will be when she’s ready to be discharged
September 15, 2022

Canadian royal ‘diehard’ camping in London ahead of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

Campers help each other pitch tents, share food, take turns guarding each other’s things and soak in the atmosphere of the royal events
September 15, 2022

Alberta human rights chief refuses to quit over alleged Islamophobic comments

The head of the Alberta Human Rights Commission, refusing to resign, hires a lawyer after Justice Minister Tyler Shandro urged him to quit
September 15, 2022

Toronto police board selects 32-year veteran as new chief

Myron Demkiw will become Toronto’s new police chief. He is currently the acting deputy chief of the specialized operations command
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