March 17, 2023

Supreme Court must decide how many judges will sit for pivotal federalism case

Chief Justice Richard Wagner faces tough decision with nine-member Supreme Court short a judge following Justice Russell Brown’s hotel altercation
March 16, 2023

Unanswered questions that remain after the Coutts prosecution email search

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith continued to face pressure this week from the Opposition NDP in connection to a January story from CBC News.
March 16, 2023

Ottawa's proposed firearms law could extend to airsoft guns

Airsoft guns — air-powered replica guns that shoot plastic pellets — are a hobby for some and a business for others, but Canada’s proposed new gun law could put an end to both.
March 16, 2023

Suspect who killed two Edmonton officers was 16, also shot his mother, police source says

Sixteen-year-old suspect killed two Edmonton officers, wounded his mother
March 16, 2023

Quebec to relocate 200 households away from smelter’s toxic fumes

The $88-million, five-year plan comes as the government renewed permission for the Horne copper smelter to pollute at rates multiple times the limits set elsewhere
March 16, 2023

Ontario colleges introduce new rules to protect foreign students from recruiters’ false, misleading claims

Growing number of international students in Ontario raising concerns about potential exploitation, and reports of students recruited by agents abroad based on sky-high promises that don’t align with realities after arriving in Canada
March 16, 2023

NDP's Sarah Jama elected as next MPP for Hamilton Centre

With all 53 polls counted, NDP candidate Sarah Jama, 28, has been elected to be the next MPP for Hamilton Centre.
March 16, 2023

B.C. Mounties announce results of organized crime drug investigations

Mounties in Surrey, B.C., announce seizure of ‘massive cache’ of chemicals used to make fentanyl, ecstasy
March 16, 2023

Energy company drops idea of shipping LNG to Europe, cites associated costs

Spanish energy company Repsol won’t be expanding its Saint John LNG terminal to export liquefied natural gas to Europe, saying the associated costs make the project unviable.
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