September 11, 2023

Algorithm could predict outcomes after severe brain injuries, Western University researchers find

Algorithm used in research study to analyze brain-scan data on 25 retrospective Canadian cases of unresponsive ICU patients with severe brain injuries
September 11, 2023

An Afghan interpreter shot by the Taliban may soon be coming to Canada, after a 2-year fight to help him

An interpreter who has been hunted and shot in Afghanistan for helping NATO forces has received notice that he'll likely be coming to Canada.
September 11, 2023

Patrolling the high seas: An inside look at working, living and playing on board a Canadian warship

A CBC News team has joined the 240 personnel aboard HMCS Ottawa, which is spending the next four months in the Indo-Pacific region. They offer this look at how a warship operates, the roles of crew members, the precision of the work and the opportunities to play. 
September 11, 2023

As Yellowknife reopens, work is being done to bring back the city's homeless population

The last homelessness count in the city found there were approximately 300 people who identified as homeless, of which roughly 100 stay in shelters every night, according to Tony Brushett, the executive director of the Yellowknife Salvation Army.
September 11, 2023

Pass rates at Ontario DriveTest centres reveal 'illusion of consistency,' says road safety group

Ontario DriveTest exams are supposed to be similar to each other and evaluate the same driving skills, but the percentage of people who pass varies drastically depending on where you take the test, according to new data obtained by CBC Hamilton through a freedom of information request.
September 11, 2023

N.S. women fleeing domestic abuse decry lack of affordable housing

CBC News spoke to three Nova Scotia women who fled abusive relationships and have been staying in shelters for months as they search for housing. They say they can't find anywhere affordable to live, and two are worried they will have no choice but to go back to their abusers.
September 11, 2023

Doug Ford promises $500,000 homes but offers few details

The Ontario Premier, under fire for Greenbelt process that favoured certain developers, also warns against teachers who ‘indoctrinate’ students on gender in schools
September 11, 2023

Changes to Calgary zoning rules could be a game-changer

Alberta’s largest city is facing a housing crunch, but council is split on how to address it
September 11, 2023

Researchers simulating wildfire evacuations for five Western Canadian communities

None of the communities have been struck by a fire disaster, but several have come close and each is considered vulnerable
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