November 17, 2022

Canada falling behind as electric-vehicle sales pick up around the world

Canada accounts for about 1.5 per cent of all global vehicle sales
November 17, 2022

Manitoba considers move to permanent daylight time, but there are conditions

Manitoba eyes possible year-round daylight time
November 17, 2022

Fatal flight carrying B.C. fugitives was overweight when it crashed in Ontario, TSB says

Fatal flight with fugitives was overweight and pilot was not qualified to fly at night
November 17, 2022

Calgary surgeon spearheads drive to send supplies to Ukraine

Calgary surgeon and AHS team up to send cardiac care package to Ukraine
November 17, 2022

Alberta government fires health board, appoints administrator to fix system stresses

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith fulfills campaign promise of firing AHS board
November 17, 2022

Canada’s system for disaster aid is overwhelmed, leaving victims to rebuild on their own

For more than 50 years, homeowners and businesses hit by fires, floods or storms have had a federal program to help governments decide who pays for the cleanup. Climate change is exposing its weaknesses and renewing talk of big changes to come
November 17, 2022

Senators pass Liberal dental benefit for kids, housing benefit for renters

Kids’ dental benefit bill passes in the Senate
November 17, 2022

Ontario housing bill to short municipalities by $5 billion, AMO says

AMO says Ontario housing bill would see taxpayers footing the bill for $5-billion shorted municipalities
November 17, 2022

Evening Update: Russia launches more missile strikes, fighting rages in east Ukraine

Also in the news today, Deputy Finance Minister testifies at the Emergencies Act inquiry about the race to prevent economic damage from border blockades
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