September 1, 2023

Battle over 24 Sussex's future heats up with a new plan to save run-down residence

As part of an effort to save 24 Sussex Drive for future prime ministers, a group of heritage-minded construction industry figures has come forward with a plan to restore the dilapidated residence.
September 1, 2023

Bottoms is the unhinged queer Fight Club movie you didn't know you needed

Bottoms is not your average high school comedy, and that's what makes its so refreshing. It's also, extremely violent, unfliltered and frequently hilarious says CBC's Eli Glasner.
September 1, 2023

Vancouver's architecture, by design, was never meant to handle extreme heat

Experts agree much of Vancouver's architecture is uniquely vulnerable to intensifying heat in Canada, because it was only ever designed for a milder climate, leaving the city with tens of thousands of older buildings needing urgent upgrades.
September 1, 2023

'We're just funny': Montreal's Ladyfest puts spotlight on women-centred comedy

Days after a bar in Gatineau, Que., made waves for its comedy night lineups featuring one woman — who turned out to not even exist — female and non-binary comedians in Montreal take centre stage at Ladyfest and explain why it's so important to keep taking up space in the industry.
September 1, 2023

‘Persistent’ bears force 160 firefighters to pull out of B.C. Interior camp

While neither firefighters nor bears have been harmed, conservation authorities said it would be safest for the firefighters to leave - they are currently being hosted at T’it’q’et First Nation and Lillooet municipal facilities
September 1, 2023

Legal action filed against Sask. government over new school pronoun rules

A community organization representing LGBTQ people in Regina has filed legal action against the Saskatchewan government over a pronoun policy affecting children at school.
September 1, 2023

B.C. extends state of emergency as wildfire risk stretches into colder season

Tens of thousands still out of their homes or under alert in B.C. and NWT
September 1, 2023

Canada broadens pushback on ‘unfair, unjust’ U.S. softwood lumber duties

Trade Minister Mary Ng says Canada challenging U.S. softwood lumber duties
September 1, 2023

B.C. boosts childcare funding for preschool and school-aged kids

B.C. increases childcare funding which could save parents additional $145 per month
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