July 29, 2022

US, Japan ‘2-plus-2’ talks to focus on semiconductors, China and Russia challenges

July 28, 2022

Indonesia, Japan boost naval security ties

July 27, 2022

Japan’s netizens express glee, relief over execution of Akihabara mass murderer

July 27, 2022

Japan, Indonesia agree to boost naval security ties, with an eye on China

  Fumio Kishida said Japan will provide support to ‘further reinforce Indonesian maritime security’, a day after Joko Widodo met Xi Jinping in China.  
July 27, 2022

Abe knew how to handle an unpredictable America

Much has been written since former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s death about his status as a “polarizing” figure. This was true in domestic Japanese politics, in China and in South Korea, where Abe’s views and actions have prompted highly mixed assessments since his passing. But Abe’s legacy is far from polarizing in other contexts, notably in the […] The post Abe knew how to handle an unpredictable America appeared first on Asia Times.
July 26, 2022

Mass killer executed in Japan

July 26, 2022

Japan insurers start selling same-day heatstroke cover as temperatures soar

  For as little as 73 US cents, Japanese commuters can now get a day’s coverage of medical costs caused by the heat and sun – […]
July 26, 2022

US fighters staged ‘largest-ever’ show of force against China, Japan says

  Some US jets neared the Chinese mainland last month, prompting Beijing to scramble its fighters in response, Japanese government sources said.  
July 25, 2022

Japan confirms first monkeypox case

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