North Korea

September 24, 2023

North Korea says cooperation with Russia ‘natural’ for neighbours

September 20, 2023

Russia helping North Korea would be ‘direct provocation’, South Korea tells UN

September 18, 2023

South Korea’s anti-Fukushima opposition chief in hospital after hunger strike

  Democratic Party of Korea leader Lee Jae-myung’s hospitalisation came as prosecutors are seeking an arrest warrant for him over corruption, North Korea bribery allegations.  
September 17, 2023

North Korea’s Kim given gifts of drones, bulletproof vest on Russian trip

September 17, 2023

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Russia talk up military ties in new ‘heyday’

  Kim’s trip comes as ‘a fresh heyday of friendship and solidarity and cooperation is being opened up’ in the history of North Korea-Russia ties.  
September 16, 2023

North Korea arms for Russia won’t make big difference in Ukraine: US general

September 16, 2023

North Korea’s Kim visits Russia’s Far East, inspects bombers, missiles, warship

September 15, 2023

Why North Korean leaders’ love trains so much

September 15, 2023

North Korea’s Kim inspects sanctioned fighter jet plant in Russia

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