September 3, 2023

Is the UK falling behind other rich economies? Yes, but that’s only part of the story | Andy Beckett

National wealth can mask, or even create, other problems. After all, we’re more than an economy: we’re a societyNow, more than ever, complaining about the state of the country is one of the main ways that Britain talks about itself. But in all the endless exchanges about the decay of public services and the cost of living, there is one theme that typically is raised only briefly before the conversation moves on.How does today’s Britain compare with other rich countries? The answer is increasingly unsettling. Despite facing many of the same problems, such as an ageing population, the climate crisis and the diminishing returns for most people from modern capitalism, Britain seems to be struggling more than other western states. From our fragile education and transport infrastructure to our sluggish productivity, our unusually high inflation to our relatively poor public health, it appears to be falling behind traditional peers such as France and Germany, while being steadily caught up by previously much poorer societies such as Slovenia and Poland.Andy Beckett is a Guardian columnist Continue reading...
August 28, 2023

EU must be ready to accept new members by 2030 – Charles Michel

The European Union must be ready to enlarge by 2030 if it wants to remain "credible", European Council President Charles Michel said Monday at the Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia.
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