December 4, 2022

Displaced Syrians fear Turkish threats spell new exodus

Syria's grinding conflict has already uprooted Ahmed Yassin and his family several times, but now they fear a threatened Turkish offensive will force them to flee the muddy camp they call home.The 34-year-old, his wife and two children live in Sandaf in Syria's Aleppo province -- just south of the border with Turkey, and under the control of Turkish-backed rebels."Making a living is hard," the labourer told AFP in the impoverished camp, as sheep grazed on the roadside nearby.
December 2, 2022

The Turkey Briefing: Can Ankara convince Moscow to grant green light for Syria invasion?

In this week's newsletter, Ezgi Akin rounds up the top stories from Turkey.
December 2, 2022

Turkey’s leveraging of Syria, Ukraine crises frustrates US, Europe  

Erdogan disregards appeals by US for restraint in Syria and demands further concessions from Stockholm for agreeing to Sweden’s NATO admission. 
December 2, 2022

Syrian rebels kill IS caliph as attacks continue in Iraq, Syria

The Islamic State’s third caliph has been killed in southern Syria as Iraqis retain control of the organization amid concerns and confusion about identities, fighter whereabouts and security gaps.
December 2, 2022

International oil assets reported hit as Turkey strikes Syria's Kurdish zone

Turkey’s wave of air attacks against Kurdish-controlled northeast Syria have reportedly hit oil assets run by international oil companies.
December 2, 2022

US-led forces resume normal patrols in Syria

A US-led coalition fighting jihadists resumed regular patrols in Kurdish-held areas of northeast Syria on Friday after earlier Turkish air strikes, an AFP correspondent and a Kurdish military source said.Patrols were reduced following the Turkish strikes that began on November 20 in Kurdish-controlled areas of Syria and Iraq, in response to a deadly Istanbul bombing that Ankara blamed on Kurdish groups.The Kurds denied responsibility.Hundreds of American troops are in Syria as part of the fight against remnants of the Islamic State group jihadists.
November 30, 2022

The Takeaway: US-Palestinian ties get upgrade ahead of Netanyahu’s return 

Plus, US diplomats are evacuated from Syria and prospects sink for a revived Iranian nuclear deal.
November 30, 2022

Islamic State group announces death of leader

The Islamic State jihadist group said Wednesday that its leader Abu Hasan al-Hashimi al-Qurashi has been killed in battle and announced a replacement to head up its remaining sleeper cells.A spokesman for IS said Hashimi, an Iraqi, was killed "in combat with enemies of God", without elaborating on the date or circumstances of his death.The US military's Central Command (CENTCOM) said Hashimi had been killed in an operation carried out by rebels of the Free Syrian Army in Daraa province in southern Syria in mid-October.
November 29, 2022

Pentagon's concerns grow as Syria's Kurds prepare for Turkish assault

Syrian Kurdish commander's plans to defend Kobani and Manbij have US military officials worried about security at prisons holding some 10,000 former IS fighters.
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