September 23, 2023

‘Sickening’ says Amnesty as Vietnam executes man despite diplomatic pleas for mercy

September 20, 2023

Japan, Vietnam celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations with royal visit

  Japan’s Crown Prince Fumihito and his wife Princess Kiko arrived in Hanoi on Wednesday for a six-day visit, their first since 1999.  
September 19, 2023 air cargo unit launches route to Vietnam amid expansion

  The air cargo link between mainland China and Vietnam comes as continues to expand its overseas logistics operations.  
September 19, 2023

Opinion | China’s hunger for Vietnamese durian shows US faces hard road ahead

September 15, 2023

Death and debt in China, Taiwan reacts to PLA’s new carrier: 7 highlights

  From illegal structures uncovered by landslides in Hong Kong to Vietnam’s bid for durian dominance in China, here are a few highlights from SCMP’s recent […]
September 14, 2023

Vietnam’s deadliest fire in 20 years

September 14, 2023

Vietnam deadly fire: Hanoi arrests building owner, orders nationwide checks

September 13, 2023

US ‘friendshoring’ chips push hits a snag as ‘Vietnam can’t decouple from China’

September 11, 2023

‘China, let’s go for it’: Vietnam ups durian trade as land border cuts costs

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