June 21, 2024

Longest day, shortest night: summer is here

Summer solstice 2024, as early as in the 18th centuryThe time of the summer solstice is particularly early this year. The last time it took place this early was more than 200 years ago, in 1796 – a year of the French Revolution in which Austrian troops were defeated several times by Napoleon’s army. This is what it’s all about:Astronomical summer is approaching.The longest day and the shortest night of the year are celebrated in the northern hemisphere.This year, the summer solstice falls on June 20, usually June 21.At 22:50…
June 21, 2024

Can you take the blanket off the plane?

On long-haul flights, you usually find a blanket and a pillow in your seat. These items are usually wrapped in foil. Can I take the blanket and pillow with me after the flight? The blanket and pillow are intended to make a stay of several hours in the airplane seat more comfortable. So you can cover yourself up nicely and get through the flight hours snuggled up. However, if you think of taking the blanket off the plane, you should abandon the idea. You can’t do that, and the blanket…
June 21, 2024

The countdown to the climate bonus is on

Although the payments won’t start until after the summer, Austrians have already received mail from the Austrian government. As in previous years, the climate bonus will be paid out again this year – “after the summer” to all people who have had their main residence in Austria for more than six months – automatically and without an application. But mail from the Ministry of Climate Protection is already fluttering through the letterbox. “Today” explains what it’s all about. This year, too, the amount of the climate bonus depends on where…
June 20, 2024

Austrian MFA Schallenberg: We want all countries of the Danube Region to become part of the EU in the next five years

VIENNA – The new European Commission will be elected soon and we want all EU candidate countries that are part of the EU Strategy for the […]
June 20, 2024

Sunglasses in the car – beware of this penalty

The travel season begins. And that means tens of thousands of people are heading south again, usually by car. If you wear sunglasses, you have to be careful. They look good and protect against the sun’s UV rays, but sunglasses can become a problem in traffic. Especially during the vacation season, tens of thousands of Austrians go on vacation by car again, and numerous checks exist. Many people don’t realize that the little accessory on your nose can even lead to penalties. “Sunglasses come in shades on a scale between…
June 20, 2024

Warning of severe thunderstorms and blistering heat

The first heatwave of the year is currently sweeping Austria. It is getting hotter daily, with the mercury shooting up to 36 degrees on Friday. On Friday and from night to Saturday, the severe weather center warns of severe thunderstorms. While the heat will peak in eastern Austria on Friday at up to 36 degrees, thunderstorms are expected to start in the west. The thunderstorms will then spread eastwards, according to meteorologists. Friday should be quite sunny at first. In the west, it will be foehn at 22 to 30…
June 19, 2024


Vienna, Austria – A Kundiman serenade by Filipino Soprano, Ms. Erin Silangil, and generous portions of halo-halo topped with ube ice cream and leche flan were among the highlights of the Philippine Embassy’s celebration of the 126th Anniversary of Philippine Independence at the chamber garden of the Lower Belvedere Museum on 12 June 2024. Distinguished guests from the Austrian government, diplomatic missions, international organizations, and Filipino community leaders in Austria enjoyed the open-air celebration. Ambassador Maximilian Hennig, Chief of Protocol of the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs,…
June 19, 2024

Heatwave continues: This is what the weather will be like in Austria on Wednesday

A heatwave is currently in full swing. It was already extremely warm yesterday – today, it could even reach 33 degrees. “Intermediate high pressure and a south-westerly current will dominate the weather in Austria in the middle of the week. This means that the sun will shine from an almost bright blue sky in most parts of the country. Local cumulus clouds, which will mainly appear over the Alpine peaks during the afternoon hours, will remain mostly harmless and the risk of showers and thunderstorms will therefore be low,” predicts…
June 19, 2024

Heatwave with up to 40 degrees expected in Italy

Italy is facing a heatwave. According to meteorologists, it will be particularly hot in parts of the Mediterranean on Wednesday,, with temperatures up to almost 40 degrees. On the large islands of Sicily and Sardinia and in the Apulia region in the south, some areas could even break the 40-degree mark on Thursday, according to the official weather service of the Italian Air Force. The weather portal is also expecting high temperatures. It can also get very hot in Rome’s capital: Up to 38 degrees are expected there on…
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