June 27, 2022

UN head declares ‘ocean emergency’ as global leaders gather in Lisbon

António Guterres says the world must turn the tide of rising sea levels, ocean heating, acidification and plastics pollutionThe UN secretary general has declared that the world is in the middle of an “ocean emergency”, and urged governments to do more to restore ocean health.Speaking at the opening of the UN ocean conference in Lisbon, Portugal, attended by global leaders and heads of state from 20 countries, António Guterres said: “Sadly, we have taken the ocean for granted and today we face what I would call an ocean emergency. We must turn the tide.” Continue reading...
June 20, 2022

Consensus builds around Ukraine's EU bid ahead of crucial summit

Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Portugal are among the latest countries to support granting Ukraine candidate status.
June 17, 2022

Heatwave alert as parts of UK brace for hottest day of year so far

Met Office issues level three warning in London, south-east and east England as NHS prepares for influxBeat the heat: how to stay cool in hot weatherA level three heatwave alert is in place for south-east England as temperatures are expected to reach 34C (93F) in London on the hottest day of the year so far.There will be high temperatures across most of central and southern England on Friday as hot air spreads from Spain, Portugal and north Africa, while Scotland, Northern Ireland and some of north England will face lower temperatures as a band of rain passes through. Continue reading...
June 17, 2022

‘I got robbed of my 20s’: Sky Ferreira on fighting her record label – and refusing to compromise

Since the release of her only album nine years ago, Ferreira has become pop’s greatest enigma. As she attempts her second, she talks about being set up to fail – and how she missed out on playing MadonnaIt is 9pm in Barcelona and Sky Ferreira is due onstage at Primavera. As the minutes tick by and nobody appears, the festival crowd grit their teeth. A week earlier, in Portugal, Ferreira was 20 minutes late and plagued by sound issues. This time she appears at 9.10pm. As the sparkling churn of her 2013 song Boys kicks in, Ferreira starts singing. She’s inaudible. The music stops. “Story of my life,” she shrugs, her tiny face shrouded by futuristic black aviators and her hurricane of platinum hair. “We have to start over,” she tells her band, who look tense. The track is off; everyone is out of time. They move on.If Ferreira, 29, has a trademark beyond belting pop music that sounds like Madonna collaborating with Suicide, it is, gallingly, the false start. She signed to a major label as a wilful California-born 15-year-old and fiercely resisted being fashioned into Britney 2.0. (Apparently they missed her listing Bow Wow Wow and Nico as influences on Myspace.) It took four years, a label change and much stealth for Ferreira to release her fantastic debut album, Night Time, My Time, in 2013, which addressed her chaotic reputation as well as childhood sexual assault. Continue reading...
June 15, 2022

‘Justice’ for Ukraine overshadowed by cost of living concerns, polling shows

Survey across 10 European countries and UK shows respondents favouring an end to the conflict rather than holding Russia accountableRussia-Ukraine war: all the latest developmentsEurope’s unity over the war in Ukraine is at risk as public attention increasingly shifts from the battlefield to cost of living concerns, polling across 10 European countries suggests, with the divide deepening between voters who want a swift end to the conflict and those who want Russia punished.The survey in nine EU member states – Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Sweden – plus the UK found support for Ukraine remained high, but that preoccupations have shifted to the conflict’s wider impacts. Continue reading...
June 11, 2022

Liverpool agree €100m deal to sign Darwin Núñez from Benfica

Uruguayan forward set to join for €80m, with €20m in add-onsReds act decisively in face of interest from Manchester UnitedLiverpool have reached a verbal agreement to buy Darwin Núñez from Benfica and are preparing the paperwork to compete the deal. They will pay a guaranteed €80m (£68.3m) for the striker and up to another €20m in add-ons, meaning the Uruguayan could become their record signing.Virgil van Dijk’s £75m fee is the biggest paid by Liverpool, who have acted decisively over Núñez in the face of interest from Manchester United. Núñez was the top scorer in Portugal in the 2021-22 season with 26 league goals and scored 34 in total, including two against Liverpool in the Champions League. Continue reading...
June 11, 2022

Hidden Portugal: where to stay and what to do off the beaten track

Hauntingly beautiful villages, thermal springs, unspoilt beaches, fairytale castles ... Portugal has so much more to offer than the bustle of the AlgarveHidden … Greece | Croatia | ItalyBritain’s love affair with its oldest ally is set to be reignited this summer. The UK is Portugal’s biggest overseas tourist market, and it became the first EU country to allow Britons fast-tracked entry, post-Brexit, via electronic passport gates. Thanks to the easing of Covid travel restrictions, hundreds of thousands of British travellers are expected to head back there this summer, drawn mainly by its sunny south coast. But Portugal has so much more to offer than the beaches and bars of the Algarve. Continue reading...
June 9, 2022

Javari Valley: the lawless primal wilderness where Dom Phillips went missing

The largest refuge for Indigenous tribes living in isolation is also a hotspot for poachers and illegal loggers and a major smuggling route for cocaine traffickersIn Brazil’s far west lies an immense swathe of rainforest and rugged terrain reachable only by snaking brown rivers. Wedged alongside the border with Peru, the Javari Valley is nearly the size of Portugal, and is the largest refuge for Indigenous tribes living in isolation from the outside world.“The Javari is one of the last true bastions of primal wilderness in the Amazon – and in the world,” said Scott Wallace, author of The Unconquered: In Search of the Amazon’s Last Uncontacted Tribes. Continue reading...
June 7, 2022

Iberian Peninsula seeks to become renewables supplier

For Spain and Portugal, the EU plan to reduce its dependency on Russian fossil fuels may be a historical opportunity.
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