June 28, 2022

Covid-19: New Danish data indicate subsiding summer wave

A recent increase in the number of Covid-19 infections in Denmark appears to be declining, according to new data issued on Tuesday.
June 28, 2022

Five great spots to see the Tour de France in Denmark

Excitement is ramping up in Denmark as the Tour de France, hugely popular in the Nordic country, prepares to take off from Copenhagen on Friday.
June 28, 2022

Norway ready to reclaim stake in Scandinavian airline SAS

Norway said on Tuesday it was willing to once again become an owner in the struggling Scandinavian airline, co-owned by Sweden and Denmark, four years after pulling out.
June 28, 2022

Today in Denmark: A roundup of the news on Tuesday

Eighty-six weekend flights cancelled and a major setback for Copenhagen's artificial peninsula project are among the top headlines in Denmark this Tuesday.
June 27, 2022

How will the Tour de France affect traffic and travel in Denmark?

The 2022 Tour de France starts on Friday, with the much-anticipated Danish Grand Départ setting off from Copenhagen and making its way across Denmark.
June 27, 2022

If you think Denmark is all Borgen and social equality, take a look at its awful ‘ghetto’ law | Hettie O'Brien

The eviction of ‘non-western’ housing estate residents shows the darker side of so-called social harmonyWe make a habit of idealising Scandinavia. Living in Britain, a country of damp sandwiches, dilapidated housing and extortionate gas bills, makes it easy to fantasise about places like Denmark, with its generous welfare state and 37-hour working week. We laud its social philosophies, binge on its politics as dramatised by TV’s Borgen.The idealised version of this looks like a social democratic utopia in which the state takes care of your worries. It does not look like the experiences of Muhammad Aslam, a taxi driver I spoke to recently while visiting Denmark. Aslam’s story is one that proponents of the Nordic model do not want you to hear. It reveals a darker side to this cosy ideal. And it shows that when the state considers you an outsider, its generous provisions can be swiftly withdrawn and something dystopian can take their place.Hettie O’Brien is a writer and assistant opinion editor at the Guardian Continue reading...
June 27, 2022

MAP: What you need to know about the 2022 Tour de France (and Denmark)

The 2022 Tour de France starts on Friday and is once more an international event - setting off from Copenhagen - after the previous two years' events were curtailed by the pandemic.
June 27, 2022

Today in Denmark: A roundup of the news on Monday

NemID back in service, consequences for Herlufsholm, and the prime minister's push to put more children in foster care are among the top stories in Denmark this Monday.
June 25, 2022

Grow your own mussels: the new phenomenon of sea allotments

Instead of a field, hundreds of Danish growers now share patches of the ocean – growing mussels, sea kelp and more. Just don’t tell the greedy eider ducksBodil Vaupel has messed up the mussels. In her enthusiasm, the recent recruit to the sea allotment society in the pretty fishing village of Kerteminde in Denmark hung ropes so overstuffed with baby mussels that she was unable to lift them out of the water.“It was a total mess out there. They’re all helping to clean up, restock them and hang them up again,” says the painter and architect as she and two companions pull the straggly “beards” off mussels behind a dark wooden fishing shed. “But now,” she brightens, pointing to the bucket of mussels she is taking home, “I get all the rewards.” Continue reading...
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