Dominican Republic

July 13, 2024

Sargassum worries tourism; Address issue at Expo Vacaciones CTN

Santo Domingo—The problem of sargassum continues to concern the country’s tourism sector, so at the opening of the Twenty-Third version of Vacaciones CTN Expo Feria 2024, they decided to analyze it in the required depth in the talk-conference: “Sargassum: A great challenge for the Dominican Republic—Solutions.” “We could not fail to add to a problem that is not of the public sector, nor of the private sector, it is a country issue that we must face and see what solutions we can have in the short, medium and long term,” said Miguel A. Calzada León, president of CTN and Puro Turismo, while highlighting the importance of finding quick solutions. Calzada León highlighted the impact that the Expo Fair has had on local tourism. It has encouraged Dominicans to learn more about […]
July 12, 2024

Illegal sand extraction damaging Masacre River

Dajabón, DR.- In the La Sal sector of Dajabón, foreigners are often seen collecting sand from the river with buckets, which they pile up on the shore and then load onto trucks for sale in Juana Méndez and nearby areas in Haiti. This practice has been ongoing for over four years. Due to the configuration of the river along several kilometers of the Dominican-Haitian border, the heavily armed Dominican military are unable to prevent the serious environmental damage being caused to the Masacre River by the Haitians. The Masacre River originates in the Pico del Gallo mountain in Loma de Cabrera, Dajabón province, and flows into Manzanillo Bay in Monte Cristi province.
July 12, 2024

TINKKO acquires THRIVE to expand operations in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- THRIVE, the flexible office and coworking space developed by Nader Enterprises in 2019, has been acquired by TINKKO Coworking & Flex Office. Tinkko, a leading Colombian company specializing in coworking spaces for entrepreneurs, small, medium, and large businesses, opened its first location in the Dominican Republic in mid-2023 on the 17th floor of the Citi Tower at Acrópolis Business Mall. The company has now reached an agreement with Nader Enterprises to acquire THRIVE’s operations on the 23rd floor of the Blue Mall tower. George Alexander Nader, CEO of Nader Enterprises, expressed satisfaction with the transaction, stating, “Our goal of creating profitable and successful projects that identify and understand market needs allowed us to present THRIVE as an innovative solution five years ago. Achieving 100% sustained occupancy and attracting […]
July 12, 2024

Commission President: Haitians who feel mistreated can go home

Santo Domingo.- Juan Pablo Uribe, president of the Permanent Commission for Patriotic Commemorations, expressed his discontent with recent accusations by the Haitian Foreign Ministry about alleged mistreatment of its citizens in the Dominican Republic. During the centenary commemoration of the US military evacuation at the National Pantheon, Uribe defended Dominicans’ actions and criticized the international community’s failure to meet its commitments to Haiti. Uribe lamented that the Dominican Republic continues to bear the “dead weight” of the Haitian crisis, maintaining an extremely supportive stance in areas such as maternal assistance and education. “A Haitian who feels mistreated has his country at his side,” said Uribe, implying that Haitians who feel mistreated can return to their own country. He rejected the accusations of mistreatment, emphasizing that there is no inhuman treatment […]
July 12, 2024

General Staff of the Armed Forces meets in Jimaní

Jimaní, DR.- For the first time in history, the General Staff of the Dominican Armed Forces gathered in Jimaní, a border province, to discuss critical issues and evaluate the effectiveness of military operations aimed at securing the country’s borders. The meeting, held at the El Rodeo fortress of the 14th Infantry Battalion, brought together high-ranking military officers to strengthen collaboration between military branches and ensure the country’s territorial integrity and security. The gathering was chaired by Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa, who emphasized the importance of unity among the Armed Forces. Vice Admiral Ramón G. Betances Hernández, Vice Minister of Defense for Naval and Coastal Affairs, Major General Pilot Leonel A. Muñoz Noboa, Vice Minister of Defense for Air and Space Affairs, and Major General Miguel […]
July 12, 2024

President Luis Abinader celebrates his birthday

Santo Domingo.- Today, July 12, marks the birthday of President Luis Abinader, born in 1967. He is married to Raquel Arbaje and is the father of three daughters: Esther Patricia, Graciela Lucía, and Adriana Margarita. Abinader is the son of businessman and political figure José Rafael Abinader W. and Rosa Sula Corona C. He completed his high school education at Loyola College and earned a degree in Economics from the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC). He further pursued postgraduate studies in Project Management at the Arthur D. Little Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, along with studies in Corporate Finance and Financial Engineering at Harvard University and Advanced Management at Dartmouth College. Abinader has significant experience in the tourism industry, having served as CEO of the ABICOR Group, which developed key […]
July 12, 2024

Fatal traffic accident on 27 de Febrero Avenue

Santo Domingo.- Early Friday morning, a fatal traffic accident occurred on 27 de Febrero Avenue, heading towards Ortega y Gasset, in front of the Olympic Center. One person lost their life in the incident. Members of the National District Fire Department attempted to extinguish the fire caused by the accident. The deceased, who appears to be an unidentified female, was seen lying on the pavement. The causes of the accident are still unknown.  
July 12, 2024

Santiago Chamber of Commerce highlights regional competitiveness

Santiago, DR.- The Santiago Chamber of Commerce and Production emphasized the critical role of Santiago’s competitiveness for the Cibao region’s growth in a recent press release. This competitive edge attracts investments in sectors such as free zones, health and convention tourism, and real estate. Santiago’s competitiveness is bolstered by the central government’s infrastructure investments, transforming the area’s urban landscape. The Chamber highlighted the impressive stretch of the Duarte Highway approaching Santiago, noting its modernity, accessibility, and smooth traffic flow, which facilitates travel to Santo Domingo. The Chamber advocates for the highway’s maintenance and expansion. Carlos Iglesias, president of the Chamber, expressed hopes for the Duarte Highway’s expansion to six lanes up to Santo Domingo and the creation of an additional connection to the old Duarte Highway to alleviate congestion. He […]
July 12, 2024

MIREX calls for applications for the Oscar de la Renta Dominican Emigrant Award

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) invites all Dominicans with notable activities abroad to apply for the sixth edition of the “Mr. Oscar de la Renta Dominican Emigrant Award.” This prestigious award recognizes the contributions of Dominicans in their respective communities abroad. Applications are open until September 30, 2024. Submissions can be made at Dominican embassies and consulates, Institute of Dominicans Abroad (INDEX) offices, and the Directorate of Specialized Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Annually, MIREX presents the Oscar de la Renta Prize, the highest state award for Dominicans and their first and second-generation descendants who have distinguished themselves in scientific, artistic, humanistic, labor, professional, and academic fields. These individuals contribute positively to their communities while maintaining strong ties with the Dominican Republic. This award is […]
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