June 28, 2022

Nicola Sturgeon tells Scottish parliament she wants to hold second independence referendum next October – live

Scottish first minister tells MSPs she won’t allow ‘Scottish democracy to be a prisoner of Boris Johnson’Sturgeon seeks supreme court ruling on Scottish independence voteNo 10 to ditch defence spending manifesto pledgeStandards watchdog urges Johnson to appoint new ethics adviserLiz Truss, the foreign secretary, has just started giving evidence to the Commons foreign affairs committee. There is a live feed at the top of this blog.On Sunday Emmanuel Macron, the French president, came away from a meeting with Boris Johnson under the impression that the UK was enthusiastic about his plan for a “European political community” - a proposed new grouping, taking in European countries in the EU and outside it.Foreign secretary Liz Truss has distanced the UK from any links to a mooted project of the European political community.A meeting between Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron at the G7 summit in Germany raised eyebrows, when the Elysee Palace insisted that the prime minister had expressed interest in Macron’s vision for a wider European political community incorporating non-EU states such as the UK.That this house notes that UK economic growth is forecast to grind to a halt next year, with only Russia worse in the OECD; further notes that GDP has fallen in recent months while inflation has risen to 9.1% and that food prices, petrol costs and bills in general are soaring for millions across the country; believes that the government is leaving Britain with backlogs such as long waits for passports, driving licences, GP and hospital appointments, court dates, and at airports; and calls on the government to set out a new approach to the economy that will end 12 years of slow growth and high taxation under successive Conservative governments. Continue reading...
June 28, 2022

Response to Russia’s war in Ukraine dominates G7 summit

Analysis: Talks close with pledge to support Kyiv for ‘as long as it takes’ but price caps on Kremlin oil and gas remain sticking pointRussia-Ukraine war – latest updatesWestern leaders ended the three-day G7 summit in Germany promising to increase the economic and political costs to Vladimir Putin and his regime of Russia’s war in Ukraine.The German chancellor and chair of the G7, Olaf Scholz, made the vow at a closing press conference in which he said the group were united and unbreakable, adding: “It is important to stand together for this over the long distance, which will certainly be necessary.” Continue reading...
June 28, 2022

Everything that changes in Germany in July 2022

From energy relief measures and an increase in the minimum wage to rules for making it easier to cancel contracts online, here's what's changing in Germany this July.
June 28, 2022

Putin needs a drawn-out war – the west’s timidity gives him one | Keir Giles

President Zelenskiy and Ukraine want it finished by winter, but Russia still holds the balance of powerRussia’s latest attack on civilian targets in Ukraine, causing at least 18 deaths in a shopping centre in Kremenchuk, far from the frontline, could be interpreted as a message to the G7 and Nato meetings under way in Germany. The message is one of Russia’s indifference to condemnation of its crimes. Moscow will not back down. And that in turn may be based on confidence – whether sound or misguided – that over the long term the war is going Russia’s way.Russia has been making gains. Its eastern Ukraine offensive slowly grinds forward by destroying everything in its path, and there is a growing realisation in the west that there will be no early end to the conflict. But the war is dragged out even further by Russia successfully deterring Ukraine’s western backers from providing it with the weapons systems it needs – including more ammunition, drones, jammers, radars, and means of intercepting Russia’s long-range missile strikes like the ones seen over recent days. Continue reading...
June 28, 2022

Former Nazi camp guard, 101, convicted of complicity in murders

Josef Schütz given five-year jail sentence in Germany but is unlikely to be put behind barsA German court has handed a five-year jail sentence to a 101-year-old former Nazi concentration camp guard, the oldest person so far to go on trial for complicity in war crimes during the Holocaust.Josef Schütz was found guilty on Tuesday of being an accessory to murder while working as a prison guard at the Sachsenhausen camp in Oranienburg, north of Berlin, between 1942 and 1945. Continue reading...
June 28, 2022

IN PICTURES: Germany hosts G7 summit with Bavarian twist

G7 leaders are meeting in Bavaria to discuss important issues including Russia's war on Ukraine and the food crisis. The event is known for producing memorable pictures. Here's a look at the best images and tweets so far.
June 28, 2022

Germany and G7 to 'develop a price cap' on Russian oil

G7 leaders, including Germany, have agreed to work on a price cap for Russian oil as part of efforts to cut the Kremlin's revenues. Here's a look at what's been happening at the summit in Bavaria.
June 28, 2022

How Germany wants to prevent a wage-price spiral

German workers want wages to rise in line with inflation - but there are fears that this could create a cycle of ever-higher prices and ever-higher wages. Here's what the government wants to do about it.
June 27, 2022

Germany may place caps on gas use in winter, warns minister

As Russia continues to stem the flow of gas into Europe, the German Economics Minister believes emergency measures may have to be in place over winter.
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