September 25, 2023

Son of Indonesia’s Jokowi named youth party chair

  Many analysts see the move as a bid to strengthen outgoing leader Joko Widodo’s attempt to build a political dynasty ahead of elections next year. […]
September 25, 2023

Indonesia moves to ensure likes of TikTok won’t ‘kill’ small businesses

  Indonesia is set to unveil new rules to curb social media’s expansion in its e-commerce market in a move to protect small local businesses.  
September 23, 2023

Indonesia’s emissions surge as Asia seeks more energy-intensive data centres

September 22, 2023

Trial delay for Bali bombing suspect drags on

It is coming up on the 21st anniversary of the devastating 2002 Bali bombing as the US Military Commissions plan pretrial hearings for Encep Nurjaman, the Indonesian militant accused of masterminding a crime that claimed the lives of 202 people, but who can’t be prosecuted in his own country. Incarcerated at Cuba’s grim Guantanamo Bay detention […] The post Trial delay for Bali bombing suspect drags on appeared first on Asia Times.
September 22, 2023

‘Outrageous’: Indonesians say plan to tax high-emissions vehicles hurts the poor

September 21, 2023

Indonesia deports 153 Chinese nationals who made US$1.3 million from love scams

  The suspects included five women accused of seducing the victims before asking them to engage in sexual acts during calls, which were recorded.  
September 20, 2023

Indonesia woman jailed for TikTok video praying before eating pork

  Lina Mukherjee was also fined US$16,200 – for which her jail term would be extended by three months if it was not paid – after […]
September 20, 2023

Jokowi warns successor against ‘changing the vision’ for Indonesia’s success

  The outgoing Indonesian president says Southeast Asia’s largest economy can attain its fastest expansion in three decades – but only if ‘there’s continuity’.  
September 19, 2023

Indonesia’s Jokowi doubles down on claim that he spies on political parties

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