December 4, 2022

France v Poland: World Cup 2022, last 16 – live

Match at Al Thumama Stadium kicks off at 3pm GMT‘Let’s play ball’: Poland pray for more in last-16 tie against FranceShare your thoughts with Rob via emailI see Amélie Poulain’s been up to mischief againThe best way to achieve greatness is to retain something. Okay, not anything. Nobody put Modena in the pantheon when they won the Anglo-Italian Cup in 1981 and 1982. But the World Cup, now that’s the ultimate. It has been retained only twice, by Italy in 1938 and Brazil in 1962, and no team has even come close since the turn of the century. Continue reading...
December 4, 2022

Renaissance masterpieces leave Italy for first time to show in Paris

The collection includes a portrait of Saint Sebastian considered one of the finest works by Andrea MantegnaA collection of Renaissance masterpieces, many of them never seen outside Italy, have gone on display in Paris in an exhibition described as a “rare and extraordinary experience”.The paintings, sculptures and bronzes are from one of Venice’s most beautiful but little-visited museums, which has closed for renovation. Continue reading...
December 3, 2022

Why is it taking so long to book a driving test in Italy?

People trying to sit their driving tests in many parts of Italy are reporting long delays when booking their theory or practical exam. The Local looks at why this is happening.
December 3, 2022

Landslides and earthquakes: Why Ischia – and most of Italy – is at risk

The deadly landslide that struck the island of Ischia was not a one-off and Italy faces widespread problems that leave much of the country at high risk from natural disasters, says Silvia Marchetti.
December 3, 2022

Row over illegal construction in Italy after deadly Ischia landslide

Ischia, the small Italian island devastated by a landslide last weekend, is a victim of geography and weather but also of illegal construction, experts say.
December 3, 2022

Chef Gino D’Acampo: ‘My greatest fear? Overcooking pasta!’

The celebrity chef on looking forward to old age, never finishing a book and the joy of Only Fools and HorsesBorn in Italy, Gino D’Acampo, 46, moved to London in the 1990s and now owns a string of restaurants including Luciano in both Covent Garden and Alderley Edge, Cheshire. His cooking and travel programmes include Gino’s Italian Escape; he hosts the classic gameshow Family Fortunes and voiced a character in Disney Pixar’s 2021 movie Luca. Gino’s Italy: Like Mamma Used to Make is his new cookbook, which has an accompanying ITV television series. He is married with three children and lives in London and Sardinia.When were you happiest?I am always very happy in Sardinia with my family; I spend at least six months of the year there. Six months working and six months relaxing – I think that is a great balance. Continue reading...
December 3, 2022

Let’s go bogganeering! How I invented a winter sport on my trip to South Tirol, Italy

A snowy cross-country walking break is even more beautiful – and fun – when you combine the hiking with tobogganingI have invented a new sport, one that will almost certainly catch on and become a Winter Olympics classic. And it is one in which Team GB can narrowly grab fourth place, over and over again. It is wonderful to leave something behind, a legacy that will benefit humanity. It is called “bogganeering”.It begins with a trip to Italy, the German-speaking part. That is an important factor. Südtirol has not always been an enthusiastic member of the Italian republic. Tucked up in the extreme north-east of the country, its snow-capped mountains are dotted with farms where the old men still wear Tirolean hats and greet strangers with a cheery “Servus!”, like Bavarians do. This is hybrid country par excellence, a rugged amalgamation of the best of northern and southern Europe, the perfect place to blend, meld and weld. Continue reading...
December 2, 2022

Weather tracker: Storm Ariel brings heavy rain and lightning to Greece

Low pressure disrupts water and power supplies in Thessaloniki as meteorological winter beginsOn Thursday night last week, an area of low pressure formed off the southern coast of France. During the course of Friday, low pressure deepened into a storm as it travelled south-eastwards towards Italy.It brought heavy rain to much of Italy; however, the west coast received the brunt of the wet weather on Friday night with 197mm of rain recorded in 24 hours on the island of Capri. The island of Ischia, close to Capri, experienced flooding and a landslide early Saturday morning, which killed at least 10 people. Continue reading...
December 2, 2022

Italy's constitutional court upholds Covid vaccine mandate as fines kick in

Judges on Thursday dismissed legal challenges to Italy's vaccine mandate as 'inadmissible' and 'unfounded', as 1.9 million people face fines for refusing the jab.
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