June 28, 2022

How Spain's older generation are becoming the new high achievers

Spain has the sixth highest life expectancy in the world, after Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Switzerland and Singapore, according to figures from the World Population Review published this year.
June 28, 2022

Switzerland's ten most beautiful villages you have to visit

Here's a list of the ten best Swiss villages you've never heard of, which are well worth a visit when you get the chance.
June 28, 2022

Travel: What are the best night train routes to and from Switzerland?

Night trains are back in favour in Europe but where can you get to overnight if you live in Switzerland? Here's a run through of your best options if you're looking for an adventure.
June 28, 2022

Do foreigners in Switzerland have the same legal rights as the Swiss ?

Foreigners living in Switzerland may be wondering what their basic rights are compared to Swiss citizens. The answer depends on several factors.
June 28, 2022

The roads and dates to avoid driving in Switzerland this summer

With schools beginning their holiday break, traffic on Swiss roads will be particularly heavy in the coming days and weeks as many people will head south and west in droves.
June 28, 2022

Today in Switzerland: A roundup of the latest news on Tuesday

Swiss franc increases in value against euro, new campaign launched to raise retirement age for women and other news from Switzerland on Tuesday.
June 27, 2022

Swiss airlines warn of ticket price hikes and more summer cancellations

Air passengers in Switzerland should be braced for higher prices and more summer cancellations, Swiss airlines warned.
June 27, 2022

Everything that changes in Switzerland in July 2022

Same-sex marriage, new rules for cars, and music festivals: this is what's in store for Switzerland in July.
June 27, 2022

EXPLAINED: The striking contrasts between Switzerland's regions

The word "Switzerland" usually conjures up images of a small, mountainous and affluent country, but as a new study shows, there are significant disparities between various regions.
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