June 28, 2022

Russia-Ukraine war: 21 people missing after shopping centre attack; G7 leaders agree to explore Russian oil price cap – live

Dig for survivors as at least 18 killed after a Russian strike on shopping centre; price cap could help prevent Russia from profiting from invasionWorld leaders condemn ‘abominable’ Russian attackKharkiv fears new Russian attackAftermath of shopping centre attack in Ukraine – in picturesAt a glance: what we know on day 125 of the invasionThe Ukrainian authorities of Mariupol have posted a message from the city’s mayor, Vadym Boychenko, expressing concern for the fate of the elderly in the city under the occupying forces of Russia. It quotes him saying:People of respectable age were taken care of in Mariupol. They created conditions for them to meet a decent old age. But the Russian occupiers took it away from them. Instead, they are forced to somehow survive without quality medical care, without medication and care. Most of them are children of World War II, for whom the Russian occupiers repeated what the whole world says “never again.” Staying in the city is dangerous for their health, because they will be the first to suffer from infectious outbreaks. Continue reading...
June 28, 2022

UK car industry calls for government help on energy bills as Brexit costs rise

Manufacturers hit by energy cost rises of up to 50% as well as Covid lockdowns and chip shortagesThe British car industry has called for help from the government with spiralling energy costs, as it also faces the prospect of further Brexit-related bills.The rising price of energy, persistent shortages of computer chips, delays in parts caused by Covid lockdowns in vital supply markets such as China, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have combined to affect manufacturers. Continue reading...
June 28, 2022

Response to Russia’s war in Ukraine dominates G7 summit

Analysis: Talks close with pledge to support Kyiv for ‘as long as it takes’ but price caps on Kremlin oil and gas remain sticking pointRussia-Ukraine war – latest updatesWestern leaders ended the three-day G7 summit in Germany promising to increase the economic and political costs to Vladimir Putin and his regime of Russia’s war in Ukraine.The German chancellor and chair of the G7, Olaf Scholz, made the vow at a closing press conference in which he said the group were united and unbreakable, adding: “It is important to stand together for this over the long distance, which will certainly be necessary.” Continue reading...
June 28, 2022

US state department spoke by phone to veteran captured in Ukraine, family says

Alexander Drueke told the state department that ‘he is OK, receiving food and water and has shelter’, Dianna Shaw, his aunt, saidThe US state department has spoken by telephone to an Alabama man who was recently captured in Ukraine while voluntarily helping the country’s armed forces fight Russian invaders, according to his family.Alexander Drueke told the state department that “he is OK, receiving food and water and has shelter and bedding”, Dianna Shaw, his aunt, said late on Monday. Continue reading...
June 28, 2022

In this government by Grand Designs, Johnson has spaffed the budget and the roof is leaking | Marina Hyde

The PM touting for a £150k treehouse while voting against free school meals makes the MPs’ expenses scandal look like a halcyon eraIn many ways it was impressive to get a whole two days into Boris Johnson’s world statesman tour before it emerged he’d tried to get a Tory donor to fund a £150,000 treehouse for his then infant son. No matter what Commonwealth/G7/ Nato posturing comes after that, you’ll have found it rather difficult to suspend your disbelief. It’s like hearing that Churchill whined and whined to get some mid-century sad-sack to buy his grandson a pony. Fine: 30 ponies.The story of the treehouse somehow still retains the power to shock, if only as a reminder that there really is no beginning to the prime minister’s financial morality. As reported by the Times, Johnson and his wife planned to build an eye-wateringly expensive treehouse in the grounds of Chequers in autumn 2020, potentially funded by the Tory donor Lord Brownlow. “He was told it would look terrible,” a government source told the paper, yet the PM pressed ahead. It was only when the Johnsons’ security staff objected definitively on the basis that the treehouse was visible from the road that the welfare king and queen of Downing Street had to reluctantly abandon their plans. At the time, their son would have been about six months old.What Just Happened?! by Marina Hyde is now available at guardianbookshop.comMarina Hyde is a Guardian columnist Continue reading...
June 28, 2022

Aftermath of shopping centre attack in Ukraine – in pictures

Photojournalist Alessio Mamo was at the scene after a Russian missile attack on a shopping centre in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, on Monday Continue reading...
June 28, 2022

Putin needs a drawn-out war – the west’s timidity gives him one | Keir Giles

President Zelenskiy and Ukraine want it finished by winter, but Russia still holds the balance of powerRussia’s latest attack on civilian targets in Ukraine, causing at least 18 deaths in a shopping centre in Kremenchuk, far from the frontline, could be interpreted as a message to the G7 and Nato meetings under way in Germany. The message is one of Russia’s indifference to condemnation of its crimes. Moscow will not back down. And that in turn may be based on confidence – whether sound or misguided – that over the long term the war is going Russia’s way.Russia has been making gains. Its eastern Ukraine offensive slowly grinds forward by destroying everything in its path, and there is a growing realisation in the west that there will be no early end to the conflict. But the war is dragged out even further by Russia successfully deterring Ukraine’s western backers from providing it with the weapons systems it needs – including more ammunition, drones, jammers, radars, and means of intercepting Russia’s long-range missile strikes like the ones seen over recent days. Continue reading...
June 28, 2022

Scrapping the NI protocol is just the start. Johnson’s trade wars are Trumpism in action | Simon Jenkins

Brexit has left Britain out on a limb. Yet the PM seems hellbent on alienating our trading partners to boost his own positionBritain’s foreign policy is now at the mercy of Boris Johnson’s reckless quest for survival. At home he grasps for votes with Irish border controls, protectionist tariffs and immigrant quotas. Abroad, he tours Europe demanding total victory in someone else’s war while promoting the most intense economic disruption in the continent’s peacetime history. Every visit is treated as a photo opportunity. An absurd “bromance” is even staged with the equally embattled French leader, Emmanuel Macron. Never was machismo so synthetic.Yesterday’s Commons vote on a bill which would allow him to scrap the Northern Ireland protocol was a classic. It was motivated by a desire to appease the province’s fast-disintegrating Unionist majority. The price is to be a predictable standup row with the EU, but one that Johnson thinks will bolster him with his party’s Brexiter right wing. The government’s suggestions for a “soft” border with Ireland are actually quite sensible. But Downing Street’s three years of anti-EU rhetoric have exhausted any wish in Brussels to be co-operative.Simon Jenkins is a Guardian columnist Continue reading...
June 28, 2022

‘The enemy is planning something’: Kharkiv fears new Russian attack

Putin’s advance on Ukraine’s second city was halted in March, but its defenders sense another offensive is loomingRussia-Ukraine war: live updatesIn the thick pine forests on the outskirts of Kharkiv, Konstantin was watching over his troops as they inspected their weapons.Some were greasing shells from the 1970s, preparing them to be used for an even older 57 mm AZP S-60 anti-aircraft gun developed just after the second world war. Continue reading...
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