September 26, 2023

Russia-Ukraine war live: Russia releases video of Black Sea commander Ukraine claims to have killed

Viktor Sokolov shown in footage released by defence ministry, day after Ukraine said he had been killed in missile strikeWhat we know on day 580 of the invasionRussia’s foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has rather sarcastically castigated US state department spokesperson Matthew Miller for deflecting a question about the appearance of a Ukrainian veteran of a Nazi unit in the Canadian parliament. Miller had said that he was attending the UN on Friday.Zakharova has posted to her Telegram channel to say:Everyone was at the UN on Friday, Matthew. And everyone saw how nazism triumphed in Canada. The UN has a lot of problems, but the internet works great there. Continue reading...
September 26, 2023

Russia releases video of admiral a day after Ukraine claimed he was dead

Viktor Sokolov seen apparently taking part in video conference with Russian defence ministerRussia-Ukraine war – latest news updatesRussia’s defence ministry has released footage showing Viktor Sokolov, the commander of its Black Sea fleet, attending a defence board meeting via video call, a day after Ukraine claimed Sokolov was killed in an attack on the fleet’s headquarters in Sevastopol.In the video, Sokolov was seen apparently taking part in a video conference with the defence minister, Sergei Shoigu, and senior admirals and army chiefs. Continue reading...
September 25, 2023

Russia-Ukraine war live: Ukraine claims to have killed commander of Russia’s Black Sea fleet

Ukraine says 34 officers were killed including Black Sea fleet admiral Viktor Sokolov in its missile strike on Sevastapol last weekWhat we know on day 579 of the invasionAn air alert has been declared in Mykolaiv.Tass reports that the Russian ministry of defence has reported that it destroyed Ukrainian drones that were over the north-western part of the Black Sea near occupied Crimea, as well as over the Kursk and Bryansk regions. It claims to have shot down eight aircraft-type drones in total. Continue reading...
September 25, 2023

Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 579 of the invasion

Southern port of Odesa hit by Russian missiles overnight; at least one person killed in attack on BeryslavSee all our Ukraine coverage Continue reading...
September 25, 2023

‘Colours give comfort in these difficult times’: Ukraine’s Lego-inspired city – in pictures

Comfort Town is a residential area of Kyiv built on a former industrial area. It was designed to brighten up the former grey Soviet buildings from the 1950s and 60s Continue reading...
September 25, 2023

Slovakian elections Q&A: country votes after four PMs in five years

Poll unlikely to end political turbulence that has dogged country since murder of journalist in 2018 but could have serious ramifications for UkraineAfter five years of political upheaval, Slovakia will on Sunday hold a high-stakes but uncertain election that polls predict will be won by a populist former prime minister who has pledged to abandon Bratislava’s staunch support for Ukraine. Continue reading...
September 24, 2023

Russia-Ukraine war live: Russian-installed head of region in Donetsk imposes five-hour curfew and bans assemblies and rallies

Civilians forbidden from being on streets and public places from 11pm until 4am, with mass events bannedWhat we know on day 578 of the invasionVolodymyr Zelenskiy met top US financiers – including Mike Bloomberg – during his visit to the US. According to Reuters, they discussed investment and the reconstruction of Ukraine during this meeting.A Ukrainian drone has struck an administrative building in Russia’s Kursk oblast, the regional governor Roman Starovoit said on Telegram – on Kursk City Day. Continue reading...
September 24, 2023

‘Capitalism is dead. Now we have something much worse’: Yanis Varoufakis on extremism, Starmer, and the tyranny of big tech

In his new book, Technofeudalism, the maverick Greek economist says we are witnessing an epochal shift. At his island home of Aegina, he argues it’s no longer the global finance system that shapes us, but the ‘fiefdoms’ of tech firmsWhat could be more delightful than a trip to Greece to meet Yanis Varoufakis, the charismatic leftwing firebrand who tried to stick it to the man, AKA the IMF, EU and entire global financial order? The mental imagery I have before the visit is roughly two parts Zorba the Greek to one part an episode of BBC series Holiday from the Jill Dando era: blue skies, blue sea, maybe some plate breaking in a jolly taverna. What I’m not expecting is a wall of flames rippling across a hillside next to the highway from the airport and a plume of black smoke billowing across the carriageway.Because even a modernist villa on a hillside on the island of Aegina – a fast ferry ride from the port of Piraeus and the summer bolthole of chic Athenians – is not the sanctuary from the modern world that it might once have been. The house is where Varoufakis and his wife, landscape artist Danae Stratou, live, year round since the pandemic, but in August 2023 at the end of a summer of heatwaves and extreme weather conditions across the world, it feels more than a little apocalyptic. The sun is a dim orange orb struggling to shine through a haze of smoke while a shower of fine ash falls invisibly from the sky. A month later, two years’ worth of rain will fall in a single day in northern Greece, causing a biblical deluge and never-before-seen levels of flooding. Continue reading...
September 24, 2023

War crimes dossier to accuse Russia of deliberately causing starvation in Ukraine

Human rights lawyers are working with Ukraine’s public prosecutor to prepare dossier to submit to the international criminal courtHuman rights lawyers working with Ukraine’s public prosecutor are preparing a war crimes dossier to submit to the international criminal court (ICC) accusing Russia of deliberately causing starvation during the 18-month-long conflict.The aim is to document instances where the Russian invaders used hunger as a weapon of war, providing evidence for the ICC to launch the first prosecution of its kind that could indict the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Continue reading...
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